Our Children's Ministry is for kids from the time they are born until they complete 5th grade. Our Children’s Ministry exists to introduce every child to the wonder of God.

Our hope is every child knows and understands three vital truths:

  1. They are loved by God.
  2. They are made by God.
  3. God wants to know them personally.

We accomplish this goal by having teachers in our classrooms that are trained, excited, and background checked. This ensures your child’s safety both emotionally and physically! Whether your child comes on Sunday morning or Wednesday night (or both) they will encounter people who want to share the love of Christ with them. If you have any questions about our ministry contact Chloe Brownlee, our Children’s Ministry Director, at cbrownlee@kearneyfbc.com. 

What to Expect

When you arrive at Kearney you will be greeted by smiling faces ready to point you in the right direction. Your first step before dropping your child off in any of our various classrooms is to stop by our Check-In desk. Here you will check your child in, receiving a name tag for your child and a guardian tag for yourself. The two tags have a randomly generated code that matches each other. Keep this tag as this will allow for our volunteers to know the child belongs to you! Once you check your child in head to one of our children’s classes. Once your class or service is over return to pick up your child, presenting your guardian tag so we ensure your child’s safety!