We receive new members in the following ways:

Believers Baptism:

If you are a new believer in Christ, you will want to experience believer’s baptism, by immersion, in obedience to the teaching of Jesus. This is an outward symbol of the inward change you have experienced.

Transfer of Membership:

As a believer in Christ, if you have already experienced believer’s baptism (by immersion), we invite you to become a member by transfer of membership from your previous church.

By Statement:

As a believer in Christ, if your previous membership records are unavailable, you may become a member by providing a statement that you are a believer and have been Scripturally baptized (by immersion in water).


If you would like to join the First Baptist Church family, you’re invited to let us know of your desire during our Song of Commitment at the close of the worship service (simply come forward and inform the pastor). You are also welcome to discuss your decision at any time with one of FBC’s pastors.


Is church membership important?

Yes. Membership helps the church identify believers in Christ who can be counted on to lead and care for the ministries and mission of the church. Membership also demonstrates a commitment to supporting all the ministries of the church with time, talents, treasure, and prayer.